About Us

I started Helen Gomez VA in January 2020. Over the previous year I had been working with with Joanna Mortimer at Inspire Academy of Dance, Stacey Oliver at Star-Tastic Gymnastics and Tracey at A Healing Touch Gatwick. Before this I had been working with Water Babies and Springfit Gymnastics Club.

With all of these jobs I realised I loved working for small, local lovely businesses, where you can really see the impact that you have on their business and see them flourish in the local community.

I am able to work around my young family – both my daughter and son are in primary education. I can work whilst they are at school or I work in the evenings and at weekends.I try to be as flexible as possible – for some clients I join them in their home offices and for others I work from home on a flexible schedule. They all know I will work to suit their hours as much as possible and I am always happy to take on additional and ad-hoc work.

Equally, the work I do for clients does not need to be on a regular basis, I am happy to take on short contracts to help with specific tasks or projects. I am lucky that I work with a wonderful bunch of client and this which certainly helps me to enjoy what I do and helps to build my passion for their businesses even more !

I pride myself on being both professional and personable at the same time.